Information: Monroe Township Ordinance Enforcement

Monroe Township Burn Ordinance Enforcement

A misconception was brought to the attention of Monroe Fire Company after several residents were issued fines under the Monroe Township Air Pollution Control Ordinance 2016-01. The fire marshal is an appointed municipal government official responsible for the enforcement of this ordinance, not a representative of Monroe Fire Company. The fire company is organized as a independent non-profit organization, not a department under the municipal government.

For many years, Monroe Township has appointed an individual who is also an active member of the fire company. Monroe Fire Company has requested Monroe Township clarify all references of the fire company in the ordinance to remove the appearance the fire marshal functions under the umbrella of the fire company.

While Monroe Fire Company receives revenue from the fire tax (.406 Mills), the fire company does not receive revenue generated by fines issued by the fire marshal.

Monroe Fire Company is not responsible for:

Monroe Township and the Board of Supervisors are responsible for:

The fire company believes compliance with the ordinance is in the interest of public safety. In some cases, enforcement actions may be necessary; however, concerns related to the ordinance should be directed to Monroe Township.

Monroe Fire Company believes community risk reduction and fire prevention begins with public education. Firefighters will be visiting Monroe Elementary School and several preschools in the township during National Fire Prevention Week (October 8-14, 2023). Residents are always encouraged to schedule a fire station tour and learn more about the fire company.