Current Fleet

Engine 125

2010 Pierce
1500 GPM pump
750-gallon water tank
Seating for 6 personnel

E125 provides structural firefighting equipment, rapid intervention team (RIT) operations and a complement of tools for response to vehicle rescues.

*Purchased using fire tax revenue.

Engine 225

2019 Pierce
1500 GPM pump
2000-gallon water tank
Seating for 6 personnel

E225 provides structural firefighting equipment and water supply for areas without fire hydrants.

*Purchased using fire tax revenue.

Rescue 25

1988 Mack Salisbury Rescue 

R25 provides a complement of tools for vehicle rescue, water rescue and other specialized rescue services.

*Purchased using fundrasing revenue.

Mini Pumper 25

2012 Ford
300 GPM pump
400-gallon water tank

MP25 provides wildland fires and fires within agricultural areas. This apparatus is used for a variety of weather-related and medical assist responses.

Utility 25

2005 Ford F350

U25 provides a general multi-purpose vehicle. This apparatus is used for traffic control, transport of additional personnel or equipment and other services. U25 is the primary tow vehicle for UTV 25 and the water rescue boats.

UTV 25

2015 John Deere Gator

This vehicle is used for terrain and other rescue calls, access to calls in severe weather and other specialized incidents.

*Purchased using a DCNR grant.

Boat 25

One of the largest training water and ice rescue training programs in the nation, the Pennsylvania Water Rescue Program was initiated by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission in 1983 to provide water and ice rescue training for emergency services personnel.  Monroe Fire Company provides this specialized service to Monroe Township and surrounding areas.

Chief Vehicles

2022 Ford F250
2018 Ford F250
2014 Ford Interceptor Utility

*Purchased by relief association.