Annual Report

Annual Report 2022

Statistical Summary

Operations Summary

Volunteer Recruitment

Monroe Fire Company is pleased to report an increase in the number of active volunteers over the last year. Several new members bring previous fire service experience and two new junior members have entered the entry-level firefighter training program.

Monroe Fire Company welcomed its first member to join exclusively for "special operations" membership to join the water rescue team.

Rescue 25

Rescue 25 was acquired to replace the boat support unit and consolidate the majority of the water rescue, vehicle rescue, rapid intervention and other special operations equipment to a single piece of apparatus. The boat support unit was sold to North Newton Volunteer Fire Company. The revenue generated from the sale covered the acquisition and upfitting of Rescue 25.

Water Rescue

The water rescue team continues to train and prepare for water-related emergencies. Monroe Fire Company was awarded a $15,000 grant from the Fire Company and EMS Grant Program to purchase water rescue equipment; including a second water rescue boat.

Administration Summary


Unfortunately, like many other non-profit organizations, the revenue generated by fundraising has notably declined in recent years. The number of volunteers available to plan and execute fundraising activities has also diminished.

Monroe Fire Company organized the 1st Annual "Mayhem at Mayapple" Night Golf Tournament. The event raised approximately $1,000. The 2nd Annual event has already been scheduled for fall 2023.

Check out our events webpage and follow our social media for opportunities to support our mission.

Volunteer Firefighter Relief Association Bylaws Revision

Monroe Volunteer Firefighter Relief Association revised and modernized the organizational bylaws and other governance documents to align closer with Monroe Fire Company. The administrative officers of Monroe Fire Company will now concurrently hold the same office within the relief association. Three (3) trustees will be elected to exclusively serve the relief association. Many of the revisions focused on the future needs of the volunteer fire service and the best practices of modern non-profit governance. Enhancements emphasized transparency, sound financial practices and continued compliance with PA Act 118.

Annual Financial Review

Monroe Fire Company consulted with legal counsel and financial experts to determine a review could be performed in place of an audit. The review will be available once it is completed by the accountant.


Monroe Fire Company consulted with a professional grant writer for the FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program for firefighter self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) replacement. The SCBA is an essential piece of equipment for every firefighter and the current models in-service at Monroe Fire Company are near expiration. Unfortunately, the grant was not awarded for another consecutive year.

Monroe Fire Company was awarded a $15,000 grant from the Fire Company and EMS Grant Program to purchase water rescue equipment; including a second water rescue boat.

Monroe Fire Company was awarded a $6,000 grant from the DCNR Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Program for wildland firefighter personal protective equipment and rope rescue equipment.


Monroe Fire Company reported water damage from the leaking roof to Monroe Township. A contractor repaired the roof; however, several ceiling tiles continued to sustain water damage after heavy rain storms. Additional water damage and mold was discovered in one of the public restrooms. The restroom has been closed and the social hall has remained unavailable for rental for the majority of 2022.

Thank you for your continued support.