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Engine 125

Completed letting on Engine 25

Design Specs


Chassis: Arrow XT™
Model: PUC
Body: Rescue Pumper, PUC
Overall Height: 10′ 5″
Engine: Detroit S60
Horse Power: 515
Foam System: Hercules® Compressed-air foam system
Pump: PUC
Pump GPM: 1500 GPM
Tank: Water, Foam
Tank Size: 750 water, 50 Class A, 30 Class B
Generator: Harrison hydraulic
Generator KW: 10KW
Safety: Command Zone™, VLH® Caps, Hands-Free SCBA Brackets, TAK-4® independent front suspension, Side Roll Protection system, Control Zone™, Electronic Stability Control
Lighting: Fire Research Focus Quartz Lights, Fire Research HID 12 Volt Scene Lights, Whelen LED Warning Light Package
Storage: 189″ PUC Aluminum Body with Hatch Compartments, EMS Compartment in Crew Cab Area, Transverse Stokes Storage Compartment, Ladder Storage through Driver’s Side of Body
Key Features: Dual Mars Lights, Roto Ray, Electric Cord Reel, Oil Dry Hopper, Front Trashline, Two Crosslays, Deluge Gun, Two Rear Discharges, Treadplate Hosebed Cover, Line-X Cab Interior, Wireless FireCom System, Vertical Exhaust
Sales Organization: Glick Fire Equipment Co.



April 4 – Special thanks to Dan Danzenbaker of Danz Lettering for completing the lettering on the new engine.  A photo gallery of the lettering process and the final product can be viewed here.

 Engine 25 Arrives Home

Engine arrives home March 29 – Monroe Fire Company officially took delivery of their new Pierce PUC CAFS engine.  The engine still has to have lettering completed and equipment mounted before going in service.  

Final Inspection

Several Monroe Fire Company members recently took a trip to the Pierce Manufacturing facility in Appleton, WI to make a final inspection of the new Engine 25.  Captain Devin Flickinger took several photos during the trip, including two of a very special friend the guys made on the return flight.  Click the image above to view the slide show.

Production Report 6 (Part I and II)

Compartment lighting is one of a number of new additions to Engine 25.

Compartment lighting is one of a number of new additions to Engine 25.

Part I

March 8 – We’ve received two separate production reports for the new Engine 25 today, the first showing the exterior of the engine and the second focuses on the interior.

In the first production report (click here to download the report), you can see that compartment lighting has now been added.

In addition, the new ladders have now been mounted in a special through-compartment located on the driver’s side of the engine.

Also note that compartment lighting also has been placed in the top-mounted compartments.

Finally additional detail work has been completed on the pump panel and discharges and intakes have been labled.

Interior work completed on Engine 25.

Interior work completed on Engine 25.

Part II

The second part of the latest production report details interior work that has been completed on Engine 25.The beginning of the report details the driver’s side of the cab including switch placement, dashboard layout, Pierce Command Zone monitor, and function controls including: climate control; tire chains;  engine brake; generator control; and of course, warning lights and sirens.

The driver can also view water and foam levels and pump pressure from the interior of the cab.

The report also details the officers side of the cab and the crew cab, including SCBA mounts, which will lock down in the case of sudden deceleration of the vehicle – very similar to a seat belt.  This will prevent the SCBA from dislodging from the seat and striking the vehicle occupannts in the event of a crash.

Part II of the report can be downloaded here.

Production Report #5

Engine 25 moves down the assembly line toward completion.

Engine 25 moves down the assembly line toward completion.

March 2 – This week’s production report from Pierce Manufacturing shows the chassis and body have now been assembled.

The report also shows the exterior view of the rear of the engine, including safety striping, ladder access to the hose bed and top-mount compartments, and tank fill areas.

Additionally, the report shows additional work on the body compartments and pump panel, which is located in the front drivers side compartment.

We also get our first look at the interior of the cab including the crew cab.

Finally, additional work has been done to the exterior of the engine including mounting the front bumper and installation of lights and sirens.

To download and view the report (in .pdf format) click here.

(Note: The report ends at page 10, the remaining pages are blank).

Production Report #4

Chassis, Cab, and Pump Assembly

February 22nd – The lastest progress report from Pierce Manufacturing and Glick Fire shows that the engine chassis, cab, and pump have all been assembled.

In addition, Pierce announced that the truck will start down the final assembly line in the near future.

The report also showsthe rear of the engine, including compartmentation, lighting, and striping; light tower, front bumper assembly; body compartments with painted roll up doors; pump panel; and electrical components.

A .pdf copy of the fourth production report can be downloaded here (report opens in new window).

 Production Report #3

The cab module for the engine moves down the cab assembly line after receiving its basic paint job

The cab module for the engine moves down the cab assembly line after receiving its basic paint job

Pierce Manufacturing is reporting significant progress in the assembly of the new CAFS engine.

The third progress report shows the engine chassis progressing down the chassis line receiving numerous parts and the wheels.

The engine and transmission has also been installed on the chassis.

In addition, the report shows the cab module moving down the cab line.  Including the application of paint, lighting, wiring, diamond plate, and interior coating.

Finally, the report shows the water tank on site at the production factory and staged for final assembly.

Download the complete report here (in .pdf format).

Production Report #2

February 5 – Glick Fire and Pierce Manufactuing have sent a new production report detailing the construction of the body for E25. Click image to download the report.

 Production Report #1

Glick Fire and Pierce Manufacturing have sent us the first production report for our new Pierce PUC CAFS Engine.

The report, in PDF format, can be downloaded below and shows the assembly of the cab and the pump manifold.

Click here to download the report.


Glick Fire

Pierce Mfg