Monroe Fire Company has scheduled the following events:

Basket Bingo

Monroe Fire Company sponsors Basket Bingo at the fire station five times per year.  Basket Bingo events will be posted as they are scheduled.

Scrapbooking Fundraiser

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Monroe Fire Company has scheduled a Scrapbooking fundraiser on November 9th and 10th at the fire station, located at 1225 Peffer Road, Mechanicsburg.  Click here for more information.

Book Detailing Monroe Hand-Drawn Engines for Sale

Monroe Fire Company recently published a history of the hand-drawn fire engines that are displayed at the fire house. The book, The Hand Fire Engines of the Monroe Fire Company, documents the early history of the Union Fire Company of Churchtown and the Bull Eye and Rumsey engines located there. After the Chuchtown fire company …

Winter Blues Cash Bingo – January, February & March 2019.

Fall Cash Bingo Events

Santa Visits Monroe Township

It’s that time of year and Monroe Fire Company is proud to once again host Santa Claus and his friends as we escort him across the township to visit your families.   If you have a message for Santa, be at one of the designated areas at the specific time as indicated in the schedule. …