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Mechanicsburg: 48 W Main ST Building Fire

Feb 20 – While responding on a transfer assignment to Hampden Twp., E25 (Beecher) diverted to a reported building fire in the boro of Mechanicsburg at 48 W Main St (Box 27-01).  E25 was a very short distance away from the fire when the incident was dispatched.  E25 laid 500 feet of 5 inch supply line from a hydrant at the corner of N Frederick and W Main around the corner and down Strawberry Alley, to the rear of 48 W Main.  E25 found heavy fire and initiated an attack with its crew of three (C225, FF Robertson, FF Ziegler).  The incident quickly escalated to three alarms as fire ripped through the 120+ year old building.  E25 deployed two handlines and a 2.5″ Blitzfire line.  In addition to the crew of a driver and three; E25 was joined on the scene by three additional Company 25 firefighters, including Chief 25 (Heckert) and Capt 25 (Flickinger).  C25, Capt 25, and Chief 225 (Murphy) also investigated the interior of the next door building (exposure D); while Co 25 firefighters Anschutz and Robertson monitored the exterior rear of exposure D with a handline.  Shortly after sunrise; C225, Capt 25, and FF Anschutz took up a position on the roof of exposure B and extinguished hot spots in the fire building’s third floor and attic while FFs Robertson and Ziegler manned a handline from the ground level and hit hot spots on the exterior balcony framework.  In addition to heavy fire conditions and the risk of structural collapse, firefighters had to deal with frigid tempteraures and icy conditions.  E25 went available about 6 hours after dispatch.  The fire left between 20-30 residents homeless; the Red Cross is assisting them.

Special thanks to Perry County E11 (Perdix) for transferring to our station and to Co 33 (New Kingstown) for graciously allowing us to again use their hose washer and dryer on all the hose used during the incident.

Side C manpower staging at E25  
Harrisburg Tower 3 in operation on Side C.  
  Conditions begin to deteriorate on the 3rd floor and attic.
  Blitzfire in operation
  Part of 500′ 5in supply line lay to E25
E133 supplies Dauphin County Truck 32 (Progress Fire) Dauphin County Truck 32.
Dauphin County Truck 32. Dauphin County Truck 32.
Progress Fire in operation on Main St, Mechanicsburg. Side A.
Truck 23 (Upper Allen)  
Former E53, used as loaner by Dillsburg (York Co 64). 1st Block W Main ST looking west.
Harrisburg Tower 3 Harrisburg Tower 3
Trucks 14 and 28 on side C Trucks 14 and 28 on side C
25 crew assembled at E25 Evidence of the beginning of structural failure.