Trainings are tentatively scheduled for the 1st and 3rd Tuesaday of the month.  Training will begin at 19:00 and topics will vary based on attendance and weather.  Contact the chief with any specific training requests.

NIMS/ICS Training

All active firefighters are required to complete each of the courses marked with *.  All courses must be completed as soon as possible.  Click each link below for the online courses.  Once you have completed and passed the course, please save and print your certificate and place the printed copy in the ICS/NIMS folder on the bulletin board.


Reminder, all officers should complete thier ICS 300 and ICS 400 level courses as soon as possible.

DHS Funded Courses


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National Fire Academny Course Openings


We still have immediate openings in upcoming courses. Take advantage of these training opportunities!