First Due Barn Fire

July 8 РAt approximately 10:15 AM, Cumberland County Fire Headquarters transmitted a first-alarm barn fire assignment for the 1100 block of Brandt Road in Monroe Township.  Chief 125 (Farrell) was informed by Headquarters that they were receiving numerous calls reporting the fire.

Chief 125 arrived on scene first and observed farmers assisting with animal removal, as well as Cars and vehicles, cattle and a horse on the roadway. The barn was well involved from hay loft and a thermal column was visible for miles.

Engine 25 (E25) arrived next and pulled multiple lines to protect exposures and contain fire.

Tankers 25 and 33 (New Kingstown) dropped fold-a-tanks in front of E25 to establish water supply dump site. Fill sites were set up at pond (Lisburn and Boyer) as well as Konhaus Rd. and a tanker shuttle began from those sites to the dump site.

The fire was contained to original barn and all exposures were saved.

61,000 gallons of water was used to contain the fire and countless firefighters (more then 100) from the surrounding area (including neighboring counties) assisted.

Many thanks to all assisting companies including transfer from Perry 11 (Perdix), who was later called to scene, Cumberland County Company 17 (Enola #3), West Shore EMS, Rehabs from CO 100 and Adams 9 and Cumberland County Public Information Officer Megan Silverstrim.

Crews were on the scene about 7 hours total.