1st Due Garage Fire Follows RIT Training

March 19 – Not long after crews returned from RIT training at Company 33 (see post below) a first alarm building fire assignement was struck for Box 25-06 for a garage fire at 96 Clouser RD.  The first alarm brought engine companies 25, 33, 27, and 23; truck 28, rescue 27; tankers 25, 23, and 33.  Headquarters advised that a second call from the homeowner stated the fire was out and the homowner requested the fire department to cancel; however Chief 125 (Farrell) kept units responding until the scene could be investigated.  C28 arrived on scene shotly thereafter and advised of smoke showing.  After and initial assessment; Chief 125 had E233 extend a single line and held the box to E233, E25, and Tanker 33.  The homeowner was burning outside and the fire extended to the garage and burnt the roof underneatth the sheet metal roofing.  An exterior roof crew and interior loft crew worked to extinguish hot spots and remove the sheet metal roofing tongue-and-groove boards underneath.  Crews remained on the scene for over an hour performing overhaul work before clearing the scene.