January 2008 archive

Monroe Awarded $103,075 DHS Grant

January 18 – The US Department of Homeland Security awarded Monroe Fire Company an Assistance to Firefighters Grant totalling $103,075. The grant money will be used to help purchase 15 new SCBA that comply with the latest NFPA guidelines. The money will also be used to help purchase a contained SCBA fill station.

Dayroom Remodeled

  January 3 – Members recently remodeled the dayroom to include a hardwood floor and new audio-visual system for training.  The system includes surround-sound speakers and a flat-panel television.  Special thanks to David “Pappy” Heckert, who did the majority of the work on the room.

York RD Accident Leaves One “Dirty Side Up”

January 2 – Engine 25 was alerted to a single vehicle rollover accident in the area of York RD and Park Place at 17:55 hours.  Headquarters advised C225 (Farrell) they received reports of an occupant out of the vehicle, which C225 confirmed upon arrival.  Crews were surprised to find the engine still running, despite the …

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